A Rich Tradition of Faithful Service and Support

The cornerstone of Marywood Nursing Care Center was dedicated, blessed and laid on November 21, 1991. However, the vision and inspiration for this endeavor had long been part of the Felician Sisters' mission. Recognizing the rising need for greater services and support for elder care in the community, the Felician Sisters created a new ministry to serve this growing population with the opening of Marywood Nursing Care Center.

A daily expression of the Felician Sisters' commitment to the Gospel values of compassion and service, Marywood Nursing Care Center is an extension of the Sisters' centuries-long commitment to serving individuals of all ages through education, faith and health ministries. Dedication to this mission drives the Felician Sisters' benevolent efforts and the future growth of the ministry for the greater benefit of Marywood residents, their families, friends and the community.

History of the Felician Sisters of Livonia
The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice (known as the Felician Franciscan Sisters) was founded in Poland in 1855 by Mother Mary Angela Truszkowska. Through modest beginnings providing comfort and assistance to orphaned children and elderly women, Mother Angela’s dedication nurtured Poland’s first active-contemplative community of religious women. From that early dedication on, the Felician Sisters have grown as a recognized order of the Catholic Church to encompass provinces in Poland, Canada, Brazil and the United States, with missions in many more countries.

The Livonia, Michigan province was established in 1936 at a time when the city was a small town of just over 1,600 residents. As Livonia grew, so did the services provided to the community by the Felician Sisters. In addition to Marywood Nursing Care Center, the Felician Sisters’ ministries include, Madonna University, Angela Hospice, Montessori Center of Our Lady and Senior Clergy Village.



Marywood Nursing Care Center, a Catholic health care organization sponsored by the Felician Sisters of North America, is committed to the truest expression of Felician values.

Our Mission:
To provide exceptional and compassionate healthcare services, together with an honest respect for life, and a dedication to preserve the personal dignity and well-being of those we serve, while recognizing the honorable purpose of our work.