Engaging Lives —
Body, Mind and Spirit

Needing a little extra support with daily living or other healthcare services from time to time does not mean our residents lose interest in life, or the freedom to enjoy their favorite pursuits. Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit means staying engaged in meaningful and joyful experiences. Marywood Nursing Care Center provides many opportunities for these types of experiences — leisure, social and educational activities like staying involved in the community, participating in religious services, celebrating birthdays and holidays, continuing a lifelong passion or discovering a new one.

Main Street – Family, Friends and Fellowship
The communities in which most of us live and work have a hub, a downtown, or similar center of community life that attracts citizens and visitors alike. Why should a nursing care center be any different? Marywood's Main Street, our own special "hub" is centrally located between Marywood's two main entrances and easily accessible from both the rehabilitation gym and residents' suites. Main Street provides opportunities to engage in and enjoy a wide array of services, amenities and activities surrounded by natural lighting, secured courtyards and lovely views of the campus.

Main Street features:
SALON: Full-service and designed to accommodate our guests.
MAIN STREET EATS & TREATS CAFÉ: Offering a variety of light fare including deli sandwiches, soups, salads, baked pastries, coffees, hot tea, and fountain drinks.
ST. FRANCIS GIFT SHOP: Offering small gifts, candies, and cards for all occasions.
ACTIVITY ROOM: Complete with full size kitchen, flat screen TV, and courtyard access.


Before I got married and after my wife Victoria passed away, cooking was a necessity, but it soon became a lifelong hobby as well, even though my occupation was as a machinist. Now that Marywood has become my home, I have made many new friends who love my cooking; they call me the Resident Cook. Our new Activity Room has a full kitchen for residents and families to enjoy. I have taken full advantage of it by preparing some of my favorite dishes once a month. My best dish is Osso buco and recently I made sauce with three meats - beef, pork and veal served over linguine. I plan on making gnocchi in the future. The healthcare team at Marywood helps me by doing all of my grocery shopping and that is a real treat.

Edward Paladin
Current Resident and Marywood's "Resident Cook"

In this world today only the complaints get aired and displayed for all to see, not often does the good get paraded before all to see and appreciate...Marywood Nursing Care Center in my estimation is a misnomer; it should read "Marywood People Care Center"...As a Felician Sponsored Ministry this Center deserves the highest possible praise and commendation not only for a job of people care well done but for a philosophical and heartfelt commitment to the care of people regardless of whom they are.

Robert and Ida Fincher